October 24th, 2007

Angel's Landing, Part 1

Hi!  Two weeks ago today we were climbing a mountain!  I know I'm really behind, and I'm sorry.  Getting back to the real world has been a trip.

I'm still trying to figure this out, and I'm going to attempt to put pictures in here.  Hopefully it will work.  I have to do it in two parts because it was giving me a hard time.  Sorry about that!  I also do plan on finishing the journal, it's just that this was really the pinnacle of our trip, so I toiled over making it right.  There's still a lot I left out, but my favorite nephew informed me that my journal is like a text book (gotta love those college seniors!) so I tried to break it down a bit more.

Thanks again for all the encouragement and support through our trip.  We really enjoyed ourselves and were glad to take you along for the ride.  

Here's part 1

Caroline and Kathy

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Part two coming.  The pictures are difficult and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.  Quick note:  if you can get to kodakgallery.com, my sign in is carocali@sbcglobal.net and the password is route89.  It might be easier to look at them there if you can get in.