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Escape from Yellowstone.... - carocali — LiveJournal
Escape from Yellowstone....
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From: (Anonymous) Date: October 10th, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

What a wonderous journey so far! From Rozzy.

Hi Caroline and Kathy,

Have to say I have just snuck on to read this diary of your journey and it has left me wanting to be there with you. It sounds simply wonderful... (not the camping almost side of things - yuk!) but the scenery you find yourself in truly is this side of being naturally stupendously
splendid - even if you are sitting on the mother of all super volcanoes of our time!

Wonderful bonus about your mislaid money Caroline - bet Kathy wanted to either up-slap you round the back of the head at that point or else head you both over to the nearest bar and have a shot of tequila or something stronger! It's really great when you can go away with a buddy and despite everything remain that way. Good friends will always facilitate this and I am guessing this is something you both share. Keep that friendship ever strong.

Thank you for sharing out this simply beautiful journey of nature at its finest. I will be sneakig back to read more whenever I can.

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