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A day behind, but hopefully worth it

Hi there~

Ww just found internet, so we're behind.  This is the log from yesterday.  Today we got soaked going through Glacier in the rain and found this beautiul lake.  Didn't get pictures from that, but saw an incredible rainbow on our way out - our reward for the hard day's work.

Hopefully will send that up tomorrow, but wanted you to know how we got here.

Thanks for all the lovely well wishes and comments.

Caroline and Kathy

September 30, 2007

The journey began WAY too early this morning as Kathy knocked my door around 5:30am – and I am not a morning person.  Immediately, I knew that it would be a day for glasses as there was no way my contacts would ever tolerate the abuse from my sleep-deprived eyes.


We got the airport with a quick goodbye to Frank as the parking Nazi’s were hurrying us along.  He was afraid that we wouldn’t make it through (might have said ‘how the hell are you going to carry all that stuff?’) as we had three bags to check (one filled specifically with shoes and books, and some powdered tea mix to boot) and three carry-ons.  Luckily, all worked out and we maneuvered around the airports like the pros we are, after getting assaulted by this odd woman in a pink top who found it necessary to separate Kathy and me in line.  Finally, we let her pass us so she’d go away.


Gate C25 quickly became C27 as our original plane had a mechanical issue.  Normally, it wouldn’t be of any concern, except that we had a connecting flight through Denver, and only 1 ½ hours to do it.  But someone was looking out for us as a new plane arrived at our gate.  I asked the ‘assistant’ at the United gate how to get around the Denver airport to which she replied ‘I don’t like Denver. I try never to go west.’  Okay, thanks!  A very sweet passenger overheard our conversation (and was probably pissed that her city was dissed – hey! I rhymed!) and told me how to get around.


They opened the doors about ½ hour later and we were still good for time.  We scooted into our seats, unpacked our carry-ons, when who should sit next to us?  Crazy pink shirt lady!  How weird!  She smiled and said hello and Kathy and I just rolled our eyes.


We made it to Denver in plenty of time for our connecting flight.  We shared some nachos and waited for our puddle-jumper to arrive.  I’m not exactly sure, but I think there were about 13 rows on this tiny plane that sat four across- total.  We sat by some rowdies who wanted Kathy’s homemade cookies and were off Bear hunting.  Yuck!


The flight was quiet as we watched Supernatural on my trusty computer and looked at the terrain below.  The mountains were making themselves known, little by little, and the excitement of landing and seeing a real mountain up close was overwhelming to me.  


As we got near Glacier, the ground below changed into this lush mix of greens and blues.  They’ve had their first snowfall, so the tips of the mountains look like they were sprinkled with powdered sugar.  It was breathtaking and I had to snap several shots from the airplane just for the sheer beauty.  Lakes appeared out of nowhere; a river sprouted up along the way.  And through the whole mountainside, there were speckles of yellow – the fall making itself known in these parts.


Touchdown let us out of the plane and down several steps to the grounds below.  Apparently, there are no canopies?  I’m not sure, but it was hilarious!  We made our way through the airport, which was about the size of a large Illinois High School, and found our rental car.  After a slight glitch with the feel of the car, we were on our way.


Rations were few in our luggage, so our first trip was to Target where we stocked up on toiletries, general supplies and enough food to choke a horse.  Weight Watchers be damned, there was no stopping us once we got going!  Our snack pile would probably feed China; and we loved every second of it!


We debated back and forth about whether to eat out or just go to our cabin for the night and utilize the kitchen area, finally deciding that a quick trip to the grocery store would do us good.  More food!  Our arsenal loaded, we headed to our first destination of the journey.


The road along the way was spectacular.  Each turn granted a new gift from nature – whether it be another glance at the snow-capped mountains in the distance or the golden speckles of trees preparing for winter.  Closer and closer, postcard after postcard.  I was so excited.  Then we saw a train sputtering along tracks that I hadn’t really realized were there.  The light drew my attention and the horn sputtered as he got closer.  It came to full view, and a whole four cars were attached to the engine.  This was their freight train!  It was amazing, and I’m so sorry I didn’t have the camera to catch it; such a simple thing and a necessity in these parts to get their supplies.


We wove in and out of the scenic highway seeing all the cute little shops along the way.  One place makes the best Huckleberry shakes, so we need to go back there and find out what that’s all about.  What’s a huckleberry?  It’s a big thing here, so I have to know what they are.  Other little odd places pop up along the way – almost like kiosks.  Casinos are everywhere, but not your typical Harrah’s loud and obnoxious ones.  It’s almost like an afterthought with most of these places.  “Joes bar and grill – and casino!”  We may need to explore that a little further to get a grasp of what they mean by ‘casino.’


Our GPS announced that we needed to turn into our destination and we pulled up to the Glacier Raft Company where we rented a cabin for two nights.  The view is breath-taking as you head up a slight incline to see the mountains across the way.  A silent lull of traffic eeks by, disturbing the perfectness of the setting, but that’s the only flaw.  GFC closes at 4pm and we arrived around 6:30.  He said he’d leave a note on the door for us, which we found at ease.  Our cabin was #2 and the keys were on the counter.  It’s just a different lifestyle up here.  No one would question leaving the door open; that’s just the way it is.


A small pond is off to the left of our cabin and the stillness of the water is like a magnet to me. I had to grab my camera and start taking shots of the clear reflection of the yellowing trees and dying bark.  It mirrors nature’s skyline beautifully.  Oh yeah, and there’s these mountains in the background, too.  It’s simply amazing – and we’re not even in the park yet!


We wandered around a bit outside until our ‘neighbors’ came around.  It seemed we had the place all to ourselves, but no luck.  We shuffled back inside and partook in our feast of roasted chicken and improv Greek salad, finishing it off with a homemade pumpkin pie we found at a roadside stand.  Yum!


5:30 is catching up with us; in fact, I think Kathy is already asleep.  I’m headed that way too, but I can’t wait to see the additional beauty of the park!

More tomorrow... I hope.  Sorry for any typos.  I'm still new at this.



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